Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yes, yes, I know, I've been posting even more sporadically than usual (I can hear you sneering Daily DeBlass indeed!).

I've been working a day job, and putting in some woodshed time with the music. I've been focusing on the mandolin a lot lately, partially because it's fun to play and partially because it's more convenient than the other instruments (the harp, in particular, is really temperamental at this time of year, especially with the ailing furnace making it pretty cold in my room all the time). I've discovered that it's a great instrument for Baroque music, even though the modern mandolin didn't exist at the time.

Since it's cold, I've also stopped shaving, which is fortunate, because my mandolin studies have taught me one thing in particular: If you're going to be a decent mandolinist, it helps to have awesome facial hair, as proven by these two gentlemen.