Thursday, February 1, 2007

"More Than a Feeling" of paranoia.


In a classic example of an ad campaign gone horribly wrong, Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky placed electric light boards promoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim," in various locations around the city. Of course, like many such reckless stunts, this caused mass panic and sections of the city were shut down for hours while bomb squads dealt with the potentially hazardous devices.

Each device is roughly the size of a checkerboard, with colored pegs on it and...well, lets face it, they're Lite-Brites. They're Lite-Brites with pictures of moon men making an obscene gesture on them.

According to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley "It had a very sinister appearance, it had a battery behind it and wires."

Perhaps the moon men (Moonenites to ATHF initiates) were too close in appearance to the Martian invaders featured in the 1938 "War of the Worlds" hoax. It's hard to tell.

Turner Broadcasting, the owners of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, said that identical devices have been up around New York, Seattle, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Philadelphia for two or three weeks, as well as several dozen in Boston. Interestingly enough, there have been no bomb scares in any of the other cities due to the devices.

The two men, when questioned by reporters, replied that they would only discuss hairstyles of the 1970s. They face potential felony charges for their placement of the advertising materials, and could each serve up to five years in jail.

Boston's sense of humor could not be located for comment

For more info see CNN's coverage

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