Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The "Extremely Basic" Workout Routine

I've been slacking off a bit lately, especially on the cardio, but I'm really trying to get myself in better shape. One of my big problems is focus. I've gotten sidetracked with job hunting and the million-and-one things that come up for a single parent, so my workout programs tend to get derailed pretty easily.

I've decided that rather than set myself on an ambitious program of varied exercises for maximum results, I'm going with "just do SOMETHING, dammit!"

In that vein, I've set myself on a bare minimum routine. When I have time and ambition, I can do more, but I have to do at least this.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - upper body/core: Three sets of pushups, three sets of curls with 30lbs dumbbells

Mon, Wednesday, Friday - cardio: jog 1-2 miles, barefoot or light shoes, on flat ground (I like jogging barefoot, ok?).

Tuesday, Thursday - 2-4 miles jog around town, light shoes or barefoot

It's not the greatest program out there, but my theory is that consistent moderate exercise beats sporadic intense exercise.

Anybody else have simple ideas that work? I though I'd be able to do some bicycle commuting, but it looks like that's going to be an impossibility. And no, I can't schedule/afford anything that involves classes.


TrishE said...

I agree with your philosophy. It's better to do something than nothing. My new routine is every other day, jog 2-4 miles on a dirt road with my dog, and the other days do pilates or yoga for core conditioning. I decided that if I was ever going to get fit it would need to be in someway that didn't involved driving to a gym, or a lot of extra equipment.

Neil said...

Why is bike commuting not possible? You can park about a 20 minute ride from your work and ride the rest of the way.

You could also ride/walk/run to the grocery store instead of driving.

Matt DeBlass said...

Neil, the problem is the last job and the upcoming job are both "field" positions. I'll be starting at home and traveling all over the place to do in-home consultations. I'll be covering at least 50 miles a day, and have to look neat and tidy at each stop.