Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Internet Cyclists Field Guide Addendum

I realized that there was one important omission from yesterday's post about the different kind of cyclists you'll find around the internet. This may or may not remind you of someone you've met

Retro-Smug Utili-Grouch:
The RSUG has been there, done that and bought the moisture-wicking, hidden-pocket 3/4-zip t-shirt. He's probably in the bike industry, or has worked in a shop in the past, raced a little and now, as he says, “just rides his bike.” His personal bicycle (or bicycles, he never only owns one) is often built of a mix of ancient parts salvaged from old ten-speeds and high tech modern components. He will make a point of nonchalantly stating that he just rides “for the sake of riding, and to get around” and “doesn't worry about things like weight,” yet when he thinks nobody is looking he'll compare eight different front baskets to find the lightest, most aerodynamic one to put on his commuter bike. He usually has a closet full of expensive cycling clothing, yet is most often seen riding around in cargo shorts and flip-flops.
Quote: “Proper nutrition is important after a long ride, which is why I've brought pizza AND beer.”


Neil said...

There's also the Forum Co-Dependent. He posts about every ride to a web forum, complete with pictures and extensive descriptions. Every ride only has importance if it's written about, documented with photographs, and has a route and mileage posted. Quote: "I'm not a real cyclist."

Matt DeBlass said...

"Ride Report: Starbucks and Back"
-Matt (via gadgetphone)