Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jobs I Should Have: Politician

In these uncertain economic times, I like to think about what kind of careers I might have if I could actually find a steady career (no, nobody pays me for blogging, sadly). A recent comment on my Facebook status got me thinking that maybe I should have a career in politics.

Let's put my qualifications in the form of a list. In my favor, I:
-am fairly tall
-can tie my own necktie (long tie OR bow tie, bonus!)
-can't recall any especially embarrassing photos of me that might be hanging around the internet
-don't freeze up when I speak in public

See, I've got all the major qualifications down! However, I've got a few things working against me. In particular, there are two big things that I'm missing:

- a pretty wife
- money

Of course, the obvious solution to this is to find a photogenic heiress and get married, using her dad's money to finance my rise to power. With that in mind, I'm accepting applications for the position, send me a private email with head shot and estimated net worth at velochelonian-at-gmail-dot-com.

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