Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organizing DeBlass

I've realized that all my blog posts tend to fall into one of seven or eight categories. In the interest of getting a bit more organized and working around my increasingly-crazy schedule, I've decided to take a few steps, including writing a few posts ahead of time and saving them as drafts, and establishing set categories to help myself figure out what to write.
The categories, until I find new ones or think of better, more amusing names are as follows:

Jobs I Should Have: A generally tongue-in-cheek look at what I could be doing with my life, and why I think I'm more qualified than the usual people who do these jobs for real.

What I'm Watching: TV shows or movies that I'm enjoying (or not enjoying) via Netflix or Hulu or some other means, as I don't own a television set.

What I'm Reading: Books I'm currently reading in either dead-tree or digital format, not necessarily new releases.

Family Movies: The latest and greatest in family entertainment, from one parent to another. At best, I'll have a good suggestion for the next rainy day, at worst, I'll try to warn you when you should be smuggling your flask in behind your popcorn bucket.

Trifles: Totally random thoughts inspired by some object or incident that caught my fancy, named so as homage to G.K. Chesterton's Tremendous Trifles columns.

News Commentary: Posts inspired by current events

Brilliant Ideas: Tips, tricks and ideas on just about anything that I have a tip, trick or idea in mind for. Some of these may even work.

Projects in Progress: Stuff I'm building or have recently built.

I'll include the category in the labels from here on out to try to make my blog more searchable as well (and if I find myself with some free time, I'll go back and add the tags to as many past blogs as possible)

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